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Opihr London Gin is a unique gin produced by Master Distiller Joanne Moore from G&J Distillers, the world's oldest gin distillery.

Opihr is named after a legendary biblical kingdom famous for its wealth & prosperity during the reign of King Solomon, the location of which is widely speculated upon, but generally thought to have been on the ancient Spice Route.



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  • Opihr Oriental Spice (70cl)
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    Opihr Oriental Spice (70cl)

    Opihr Oriental Spice (70cl) Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin has bursts of citrus balanced with rich, earthy aromas and soft spice. Opihr epitomizes the exotic intensity of the Orient, awakening the senses to a new style of gin. Opihr pronounced {o-peer}...
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