Jacquesson is a Champagne producer based in the Dizy region of Champagne. The house itself was founded in Châlons-sur-Marne in 1798 by Memmie Jacquesson. The house claims that it is the oldest independent Champagne house.

The fame of the house grew following the rumour that it was a favourite of Napoleon, who bestowed upon the house a gold medal for its fine cellars. The Champagne house Juglar was absorbed into Jacquesson in 1829.

By 1867 annual sales of Jacquesson bottles had reached 1,000,000, but a period of decline followed the death of Adolphe Jacquesson, inventor of the muselet, when the descendants ceased to continue the family business, and ownership changed hands over several decades, until in 1974 when it was bought by Jean Chiquet.

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