Bumbu is an exquisite all-natural craft rum made with native Caribbean ingredients and aged for up to 15 years to create an effortlessly smooth and balanced rum with complexity and depth.

The heritage of the product dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries, whn sailors and merchants of the West Indies added Caribbean fruits and spices to their rum to enhance its flavour, calling it "Bumbu".

Inspired by this legendary recipe, spirits enthusiasts and owners of multinational wine company Sovereign Brands, along with the seasoned distillers of the West Indies Rum Distillery, recreated a modern expression o fthe artisanal recipe described in these historical accounts.

Hand-crafted in small batches on the island of Barbados- known as the "Rum Island" - Bumbu is delicately blended with some of the world's purest water, naturally filtered by Barbados' coral limestone. Ulike most islands in the West Indies (formed by volcanoes), Barbados is a limestone island created by coral reefs. Distilleries elsewhere filter their water - not so at Bumbu's historic Barbadian distillery, founded in 1893, as ground water is forced through the limestone and purified naturally.

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