Besserat de Bellefon

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Besserat de Bellefon was founded in 1843 in Ay by Edouard Besserat. A native of Hautvillers, he applied his craftsmanship and skill to creating wines which he distributed to leading hotels, restaurants and purveyors of fine wines.

1930 marked a historic turning point for Besserat de Bellefon with the creation of a lightly sparkling champagne that could be drunk throughout a meal. This was the birth of the range known today as Cuvée des Moines (Cuvee of the Monks).

Made in the crémant style to a lower pressure with lower dosage to produce a wine with tiny bubbles, a very fine mousse and a creamier texture than other fizzes. Cremant Champagne creates a fresher taste and softer mouth feel with a delicate foam in the mouth which ends with a lingering aftertaste.
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