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Why is there a unicorn on the label?

Because Braemble is Scottish at heart, and this mythical creature is our national animal.

Wild, beautiful, bold, proud and elusive, the unicorn is the perfect embodiment of all that Braemble represents. A rare beauty indeed.

The spelling 'Braemble' reflects an old Scots pronunciation of bramble, of course.

There’s bramble, also brembel and bremble. Then there’s Braemble, which has no variants.

It is unique. And it’s the old (or auld) Scottish (or Scots) spelling we prefer. It’s true to our origins and, in every sense, our spirit.


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  • Braemble Gin Liqueur
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    Braemble Gin Blackberry Liqueur (70cl)

    Braemble Gin Blackberry Liqueur (70cl) The Nose: Striking hedgerow blackberry mingled with juniper and dark stone fruit. The Palate: Earthy wild blackberry merges into classic fresh juniper gin. (Damson and red plum undertones.) Hints of malty...
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