Facundo Bacardi Masso, the producer of Bacardi Rum dates back to the 1830s. It was here when the special Spanish wine merchant began experimenting to tame rum by singling out a strain of yeast which is still used in the production today. Through experimenting Facundo realised that filtering rum through charcoal removes the impurities. 

It was here when Facundo started ageing the rum in white oak barrels, this saw the effect of mellowing the drink. The end product was to be the first clear, white rum in the world.

1962 was when Facundo and his brother converted the white rum into a business marketing effect, they discovered fruit bats living there, here is where the idea came from as a symbol of good luck for the logo of the organisation. 

150 years on Bacardi Rum is the most awarded rum in the world, passing down over 7 generations of family, from father to son. 


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