From grain to glass, the creation of Elit vodka is controlled with extraordinary precision.

The process beings in the black earth region of Tambov in Russia. In a sheltered corner of the House of Stoli estate, the finest kernels of wheat are selected to make the short journey to the ultra-modern Talvis distillery.

Here, a meticulously controlled process of milling, mashing, fermentation and triple distillation transforms the wheat into a spirit 14 times more pure than the highest official standard.

The spirit then travels to the historic Latvijas Balzams distillery in Riga, where it is blended with purified water and filtered through Russian birchwood charcoal, before undergoing a unique freeze filtration.

This process, adapted from the Russian tradition of purifying casks of vodka outside in winter, sees the spirit chilled to exactly minus 18 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, the last molecules of imperfection bind together and are drawn out when the spirit slowly passes through an ion-charged zeta filter.

Finally, the precious liquid is carefully brought back to room temperature in resting tanks before being decanted into its distinctive bottle.

The result is a spirit with all the hallmarks of molecular perfection: flawless clarity, breath-taking purity and a dense, rolling mouth-feel, exerting a presence in the glass unlike any other vodka.

Consistently commended as the highest-rated white spirit in the world, Elit is vodka pleasure at its most precise.

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