Champagne One stock the very best selection of Ayala Champagne in the UK.

One of the original eighteen Grandes Marques Champagne Houses, Ayala's noble history dates back to 1860 when Edmond de Ayala received the magnificent Château as the dowry for his wedding. It was acquired by the Bollinger Family in 2005 when a major programme of investments began that is evident in the current line-up of cuvées.

Ayala Brut Majeur epitomises the dry, elegant style of the house offering great balance and poise from the Pinot Noir dominant blend. Across the range, the expression of this low and zero dosage philosophy can be seen in wines of elegance and great sophistication.

Ayala Champagne is once again being served in some of the World's finest restaurants, and most notably in our capital city, London. It is also awarded with regular accolades from the greatest wine critics, which is testament to the impressive work done by the small diligent team in Aÿ.

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