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Established by a Christian monk in the city of Piedmont Italy 300 years ago. Monks were very talented with distilling and working around food & drink.

Frangelico is said to be the recipe of Fra'Angelico, a monk living in the Piedmont hills.

It is made from hazelnuts made from within the area, as it gets crushed & toasted before getting transferred into a alcohol solution.

It is here when it gets distilled blended with cocoa & vanilla, sugar & water. 


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  • Frangelico (70cl)
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    Frangelico (70cl)

    Frangelico (70cl) The irresistible taste Frangelico hazelnuts begins with hazelnuts very special. They even have their own flavour - Tonda gentle - and are a speciality of the region of  Piedmont Northern Italy, where Frangelico is...
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