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The distillery where Broker’s Gin is made is located near Birmingham, England and is over 200 years old.

There had previously been a brewery on the site, but this was converted to a distillery at a time when gin-making became more profitable than beer-making.

The distillery uses only traditional pot stills.

Continuous distillation using column stills is more efficient and is used by the major brands, but pot stills are better for extracting maximum flavour from the botanicals in a traditional hand-crafted fashion.


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  • Brokers Premium Gin (70cl)
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    Brokers Premium Gin (70cl)

    Brokers Premium Gin (70cl) The amazing mixture of traditional natural ingredients, each of them individualy carefully selected, this itself makes Broker's a drink of outstanding flavour & sharpness. It is the best basis for a gin & tonic,...
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